Advantages of Cedrus Private Wealth Management Services include:

  1. Customized Investment Portfolios
    Cedrus does not utilize a cookie-cutter approach in developing clients’ portfolios.  In fact, each portfolio is individually designed and managed, enabling flexibility and control.  We have experience in designing plans to meet a wide range of investment objectives including: capital appreciation, income generation, portfolio/single-stock risk management, short-term cash management, and risk management.  Generally, we aim to generate the highest possible returns for clients with the least amount of volatility.  Clients’ asset allocations are regularly evaluated to ensure that they are optimally designed for ever-changing economic and market conditions.

  2. Access to Best-of-Breed Fund and Portfolio Managers  
    Cedrus’ investment advisors are not limited nor financially driven to utilizing a proprietary set of products as financial advisors at other firms are.  Because we are independent, we are able to utilize a diverse pool of public and private investment products.  Through its open-architecture platform, Cedrus offers clients access to a broad range of asset classes across a variety of disciplines with many of the leading fund and portfolio managers in the world.

  3. Alternative Investments
    Cedrus provides clients with access to all traditional investment products and services as well as exclusive alternative investment vehicles.  We believe that alternative investments are important because they are professionally managed and typically have a low correlation to traditional financial markets.  Alternative investments can create significant portfolio benefits through diversification and return enhancement over time.

  4. Global Diversification
    Cedrus strongly believes that in order for an investment portfolio to be truly diversified, it must be global.  Cedrus’ team has decades of experience in doing international business.  We understand local cultures, industries and economies, and we leverage our global network to give clients opportunities to participate in growing markets globally.  A unique distinction between Cedrus and other financial institutions is that our advisors work directly with local money managers, and they manage clients’ assets in local currencies.

  5. Single, Multiple-Currency Account
    On one platform, in one account, in multiple currencies, online and in real time, investors can trade securities, options and futures in domestic and international markets with the highest reliability and speed through Cedrus. The platform’s advanced interface architecture can also accommodate a variety of languages.

  6. Active and Disciplined Portfolio Management, Monitoring and Rebalancing
    Cedrus offers clients active portfolio management, monitoring and rebalancing in order to achieve and maintain clients’ goals under various market conditions.  The technical strategies and systems utilized by Cedrus have proven themselves to be successful over decades in practice.

  7. Focused Services
    Cedrus cares about two things: (1) clients are achieving their financial objectives; and (2) clients know that we are committed to continuing to earn their business.

  8. Transparency
    Cedrus is in constant communication with its clients.  Each Cedrus client has a key contact at the firm as well as alternative contacts to ensure that someone is always available to answer questions.  Cedrus also provides its clients with detailed and customized account reports and full disclosure of fees.