Private Equity Investment Portfolio in Greater China


The Chinese government has put innovation on the top of its national agenda, rolling out supportive policies, specific regulations and stepped-up state spending aimed at making the country a global technology powerhouse by 2025.  China’s heightened efforts to fuel its advancements in science and technology include the following top-5 areas:

1. Energy, water resource, and environment-protection technologies;
2. Core technologies – equipment manufacturing and information technology industries;
3. Biotechnology;
4. Aerospace and marine technologies; and
5. Basic scientific research and frontier technologies


In seeking to capitalize on the growing number of private equity investment opportunities in the fields of nanotechnology, cleantechnology and life sciences in China, Cedrus’ Private Equity Investment Portfolio in Greater China will target companies with cutting-edge technology in late-stage development across the country.  Cedrus’ strategy includes leveraging its teams’ strong relationships with reputable state-owned enterprises as well as innovation districts to identify promising investments, and employing a disciplined investment review process together with sophisticated risk management techniques.  To companies in China, Cedrus provides extensive experience in cross-border collaboration and in advising technology and life sciences companies to help them grow, exposes local companies to top-tier foreign investors and offers them the opportunity to list their shares on a number of foreign exchanges to enhance their visibility, raise capital and diversify their shareholder base.

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