Cedrus Nanotechnology Index Portfolio


The Cedrus Nanotechnology Diversified Index Portfolio (“CNID portfolio”) is a proprietary investment product that was created to reflect the performance of the Cedrus Nanotechnology Index – Diversified (“CNID”).  Cedrus expects CNID to be a growth index for many years to come, as nanotechnology extends its reach and grows its importance across many of today’s major industries.


The objective of the CNID portfolio is to offer clients exposure to the fastest-growing technology companies developing nanotechnology and mimicking the performance of the CNID index, New companies have been created to exploit innovations utilizing nanotechnology in all of its forms: electronics, life science, energy, environment and manufacturing. Given nanotechnology’s strong growth prospects, we expect many new major companies to emerge from this arena. Therefore, we think this is a crucial product to offer to our clients who wish to profit from the growth and wealth creation of this dynamic market.


The CNID portfolio is intended to replicate the index, CNID, an equally-weighted index, to give clients the potential of benefiting from the dynamic returns CNID has demonstrated since its inception in October 1999. The CNID portfolio is rebalanced quarterly to maintain its consistency with the index, CNID.  By using a representative portfolio strategy, the portfolio aims to duplicate the performance of the index by owning at least 95% of the constituents in the index.

For more information, please contact: information@cedrusinvestments.com