Cedrus Structured Products

Useful New Asset Class

Cedrus Investments offers customized structured products to select investors.  Our expertise covers equity investments globally, as well as investing in currencies and commodities including hedging. Structured products are playing an increasingly important role in the rapidly-changing landscape for investing, with more and more investors adding structured products to their portfolios. Structure products are, in fact, becoming an asset class of their own.

Structured products are specially created investment instruments to fulfill specific needs that cannot be fulfilled by the standardized financial instruments available on the markets. Specifically, structured investments can be customized to meet investors’ financial objectives in current and anticipated market conditions. Cedrus believes that structured products have numerous potential benefits for investors as portfolio enhancements including:

  • Diversification: Access to hard-to-reach underlying assets (like indices and commodities), means to hedge exposure using specific asset classes that might not be accessible with traditional investment vehicles, access to different investment strategies, and greater degree of diversification of existing portfolios’ exposure and positions;
  • Return Enhancement: Potentially enhance returns of an investor’s portfolio and improve an investor’s risk-reward profile; and
  • Wealth Preservation: The diversification and return enhancement features can be supplemented with an element of capital protection not available with direct investment in an underlying asset.