Leader in the Nanotechnology Investment Community

Cedrus is a worldwide leader in the nanotechnology investment arena, offering investors superior intelligence and investment products so that they can participate in and benefit from the expected rapid growth of this exciting emerging technology.  Moreover, Cedrus has been involved in this field for almost a decade and is the longest-standing investment firm committed to nanotechnology.  The firm has a team of nanotechnology experts in house to publish proprietary nanotechnology equity research and offers an array of nanotechnology investment products.

Fully Entrenched in the Nanotechnology Community
Importantly, Cedrus also has unique relationships with public and private company executives, institutional investors, leading academic institutions, industry thought leaders and premier venture capital firms interested in nanotechnology.  Cedrus’ solid network in this field facilitates it to gain access to some of the best investment opportunities available and evaluate companies in this complex field effectively.  Finally, both public and private nanotechnology companies often consult with Cedrus about acquisition and partnership opportunities.