Cedrus Investments has two global nanotechnology indices: Cedrus Nanotechnology Indices: Cedrus Nanotechnology Index - Diversified ("CNID") and Cedrus Nanotechnology Index - Pure ("CNIP"). These indices were designed to serve as benchmarks and investment products for investors to capitalize on the fastest growing technology companies spanning the five markets most impacted by nanotechnology, including manufacturing, electronics, energy, life sciences and environment.

Cedrus maintains two indices in order to meet the needs of diverse investors. Cedrus' diversified nanotechnology index (CNID) currently includes 100 equally-weighted companies spanning all five nano-markets and is inclusive of both diversified companies that have nanotechnology as only one of the many growth drivers, and pure-play companies that have nanotechnology as their primary driver of growth. Cedrus' pure nanotechnology index (CNIP) is a concentrated index, currently comprised of 68 equally-weighted pure-play companies spanning all five nano-markets and is best-suited for small cap (small market capitalization) investors.

On a quarterly basis, Cedrus publishes a report summarizing the results of its two global nanotechnology indices.