Press Releases

29 September 2020
Cedrus Group to Launch the First Foreign-owned Investment Asset Management Company in Hainan, China
Cedrus Group (“Cedrus”), a global boutique investment group, is pleased to announce that it will launch the first foreign-owned investment asset management company in Hainan province to better position the group to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities arising from the future-oriented sectors, specifically life sciences, digital healthcare, innovative technologies and digital yuan.
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01 September 2020
Cedrus Group’s Chairman Mr. Rani Jarkas is Invited to Speak at the Annual Biopharma Development and Production Week
The Chairman of Cedrus Group (“Cedrus”), Mr. Rani Jarkas, is invited to speak at the “6th Annual Biopharma Development and Production Week” conference to be held on 3rd – 5th November 2020.
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23 March 2020
Cedrus Investments Successfully Launched a New Office in Shenzhen, China, Enhancing its Presence in the Greater China Region and Capitalizing on the Surging Life Sciences and High-tech Innovations in the Area
Cedrus Investments (“Cedrus”), a global boutique investment firm, is pleased to announce that it has officially launched its new Shenzhen office, which is ready to serve its global clientele with the company’s extensive network and profound expertise especially in the sectors of life sciences and innovative technologies.
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