Greater China

Cedrus Investments is strategically expanding its operations in Hong Kong and the Greater China region. During the fall of 2010, Cedrus opened an office in the heart of the financial district in Hong Kong prior to the establishment of its Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen offices.  In entering the China market, Cedrus has five goals in mind:

  • Introduce innovative, value-added investment products to the local investment community;
  • Share the firm’s experience in the technology and finance industries;
  • Serve as a bridge between our clients in China and the Western world, as well as between leading foreign institutional investors and the Asian markets;
  • Identify promising investment opportunities in China that allows both our global clients and locals to capitalize on the growth in this very important market; and
  • Become the leading adviser on cross-border investment opportunities.

Cedrus’ main strategy in entering global markets is to become part of the local communities. Cedrus achieves this by building teams comprised of reputable local professionals who speak the language, know the culture, have first-hand knowledge of clients’ needs and  valuable relationships within the business communities. In addition, Cedrus supports initiatives that are of interest to local investors and the local community.