Collectively, Cedrus’ management team has over 100 years of experience in the financial services industry covering the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  The team members have distinguished backgrounds, ranging from top-performing financial advisors and portfolio managers to experts in technology, life sciences, macro and micro economics, securities law and regulatory compliance.

Independent Advisory Board

Cedrus has an independent board of advisors who participate in making key strategic decisions at the firm.  Cedrus’ Independent Advisory Board members include thought leaders around the globe in the fields of business, finance, academia and international banking regulations.

Life Sciences Advisory Board

Cedrus has over two decades of experience in investing in life sciences companies worldwide and assisting life sciences companies from around the globe to achieve their financial and strategic objectives.

Cedrus’ Life Sciences Advisory Board is comprised of world-renowned in-house and external experts, such as those from tier-1 medical schools, hospitals, government-funded research laboratories, as well as nanotechnology and cancer centers globally.  These experts and medical professionals are among top-ranked talents in the world in their respective fields.

In addition, Cedrus’ life sciences team has decades of experience in the industry, including executive roles at large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies globally.  We are developing world-class, state-of-the-art healthcare centers and medical facilities across the U.S., Europe and Asia including China, and creating an ecosystem encompassing global leaders with direct operating experience, covering hospital design, operations, staffing, and quality assurance, medical education, new drug development, project finance alongside technology innovation to customize each project.

Investment Committee

Being a part of its strong governance framework, Cedrus has established an Investment Committee comprising of the firm’s senior portfolio managers, analysts, economists, accountants and compliance advisors.  The Investment Committee is responsible for evaluating all risk parameters and overseeing all investment decisions.