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Cedrus’ nanotechnology portfolio utilizes a long/short equity strategy with the goal of achieving consistent, above-market returns from investing in companies that utilize nanotechnology, in all or part of their business portfolio, in the five sub-industries: nano-electronics, nano-manufacturing, nano-energy, nano-life sciences and nano-environment.

We view the intersection of these five sub-industries with nanotechnology as a dynamic and rapidly growing arena for existing and emerging companies, which are in the nascent stages of their development. We expect many leading companies of the future to evolve in this arena, as invention and innovation combine to solve the world's increasing demand for new and improved nanotechnology-based products, which are desperately needed to tackle the most pressing problems facing global economies, humanity and the planet.

We consider a company involved in nanotechnology if it is in the nanoscale of 1 to 100 nanometers. By using this definition, the number of investment-worthy companies expands significantly.  Target investments are made in the leading companies we have identified among the five sub-industries over the investment time horizon. Conversely, we are also able to capitalize on those companies whose competitive positions are inferior and deteriorating relative to the leaders through short-selling.

Value in a Dedicated Nanotechnology Portfolio
• The investment community has not yet recognized nanotechnology as a cohesive industry, causing the mispricing of assets
  and creating attractive investment opportunities

• Low correlation among the five nano-markets and high volatility create an ideal sector for stock selection and alpha generation
• Within a quarter, the difference in returns between the leading and lagging nanotechnology stocks has been in the 60% - 90% range
• Cedrus’ holistic view enables a framework to compare relative growth across various industries and to identify the largest competitive

  advantages that nanotechnology companies have relative to traditional peers

The strategy of the portfolio is to use a proprietary combination of fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis to capitalize upon mispricing in the equity markets of the leading and lagging competitors within the Nanotechnology industry.  We employ a long/short strategy to manage the portfolio combined with several risk management controls and metrics including, but not limited to, net long exposure constraint (by dollar value and beta), initial position size as a percentage of the portfolio, different maximum position sizes for longs and shorts, sector concentration, position liquidity, stop losses for individual positions and the portfolio as a whole.

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